Sweden West Coast Summer

Boat from Marstrand to Åstol and Dyrön

DYRÖN, Tjörn

Experience the Bohuslän archipelago for real

Every Friday to Tuesday from July 10 th to August 4 th 2017 M /S Drott of Dyrön make trips between Tjörn and Marstrand. If you stay on Tjörn you are able to go to Marstrand by sea, and if you stay in Marstrand we will take you to the genuine islands Dyrön, Åstol or Klädesholmen. There are great restaurants on the islands and great opportunities for swimming and hiking.

Contact information

Gunnars Båtturer & Charter
Fiskeviksvägen 4
Phone: +46-768789853
Mobile: +46-706775855
Booking: +46-768789853

E-mail: info@gunnarsbatturer.com
Website: http://www.gunnarsbatturer.com

Opening hours

Mossholmen/Klädesholmen, 10:00
Rönnäng, 10:10
Dyrön Norra, 10.20
Åstol Rökeriet, 10:25
Marstrand, 11:00
Åstol, 11:25 (alighting only)
Dyrön North, 11.30 (alighting only)
Rönnäng, 11.40 (alighting only)
Mossholmen/Klädesholmen, 11.50 (alighting only)

Return (*Reservation required before 12.00 am)
*Mossholmen/Klädesholmen, 14.30
*Rönnäng, 14:40
*Dyrön Norra, 14:50
*Åstol, 14:55
Marstrand, 15.30
Åstol, 15.55 (alighting only)
Dyrön Norra, 16.00 (alighting only)
Rönnäng, 16.10 ( (alighting only)
Mossholmen/Klädesholmen, 16:20 (alighting only)

Price information

Adult, round trip 200 SEK. Children 6-16 years, half price.

One way 150 SEK. Children 6-16 years, half price. 

Bike, 100 SEK, limited number.

Payment by cash or card, buy tickets on board.

Public transportation

From E6: In Kungälv, turn towards Marstrand. After approximately 20 km you reach the port of Marstrand. Catch the cable ferry across the harbour, departure every 15 min. M/S Drott af Dyrön departs next to the cable ferry on the Island of Marstrand.


Departures every Friday-Tuesday from July 10th to August 4th 2017.
For time table, see www.gunnarsbatturer.com, click the english flag in the right corner.
Café board.


Departs from the Island of Marstrand, outside the Tourist Information.