Boat trip with M/S Drott of Dyrön from Marstrand to Käringön

DYRÖN, Tjörn

Boat trips every Wednesday and Thursday

From July 11th to August 7th 2016 M/S Drott of Dyrön travels along the west coast from Marstrand to Käringön. Along the way, we pick up passengers at Mossholmen/Klädesholmen, Skärhamn, Kyrkesund and Mollösund. Take a day trip and go all the way or choose a location along the tour. We pick you up on the way back.

Have your lunch onboard

You may order lunch for your return trip. Order on your way to Käringön and we serve you on your way back. Café onboard on both ways. You may also order a beer or a glas of wine if you´d like.

Reservation required

Your trip must be reserved at last the day before the trip, call +46 706 77 58 55, or send an email to


Contact information

Gunnars Båtturer & Charter
Fiskeviksvägen 4
Phone: +46-768789853
Mobile: +46-706775855
Booking: +46-706775855


Opening hours

Dyrön Södra, 9:30
Åstol Rökeriet, 9.40
Marstrandsön, 10.10
Mossholmen/Klädesholmen, 10:40
Skärhamn, 11:10
Kyrkesund, 11.30
Mollösund, 12:00
Käringön, 12.30

Käringön, 14.30
Mollösund, 15:00
Kyrkesund, 15.30
Skärhamn, 15:50
Mossholmen/Klädesholmen, 16.20
Marstrand, 17:10
Åstol, 17:30
Dyrön Södra, 17:40

Price information


Adult 290 SEK, round trip, children 6 - 16 years, half price. Bikes 100 SEK, limited number. Payment by card or cash. Ticket purchase onboard. Reservation required, cal +46 706 77 58 55, or email,

Public transportation

Departs from the Island of Marstrand, beside the Cable ferry, outside the Tourist information.


Departures every Wednesday and Thursday from July 11 th to August 7th 2016.
Buy your tickets onboard, by cash or card. Café and lunch available onboard. Reservation required, +46 706 77 58 55.


Marstrand: Departs from the Island of Marstrand, beside the Cable ferry, outside the tourist information.
Klädesholmen: Departs from Mossholmens marina, on the land side under the bridge.
Skärhamn: Departs from the quay between the Square and the council house.
Kyrkesund: Departs from the quay where the ferry leaves for Härön.
Mollösund: Departs from the steamboat dock, beside the sailing ship Mathilda.