Carlstens Soldier Hotel

Marstrand, Kungälv
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Carlstens strong walls meander their secure arms around the donjon and the commander's house. In those 1700s buildings, enjoy your holidays in our charming rooms with views of Marstrand and the sea, just as thousands of soldiers made ​​through the years.


Was built in 1775. Used for officers and special prisoners, among them political prisoners. Prisoners who are not sitting in the incumbent government was mostly in order not to influence the sitting government. One such prisoner had two rooms, unlike the others prisoners who sat all the way up to 30 men in each cell. Even death cell where prisoners sat last night before execution is in this house.

Metta-Charlotta was the only female prisoner at Carl Stone, where she was accused of murder of children and the husband. She put on confession in 1806 and 1809, she admits the murder and sentenced there to death and executed in 1810. The author Ann Rosman has written a book about Mettas life (Mercurium).

INthe house also lived commandant Carl Stone. The first commander was Johan Wänschöld and the last is Eiwe Swanenberg still permanent residents in the commander's house. In January 2013 commence renovation of the hotel rooms in the ground floor where seven newly renovated rooms will be ready by spring.


Donjon was used as accommodation for soldiers, there lived the most 600 men in hammocks in the roof. It said it also cannons which targeted towards the south. Today there are 15 or so rooms, hotel rooms, conference room, kitchen and family room. Carl Stone had its own garrison from 1658 to 1882. But military radar station in the main tower. until 1993 when the National Property Board took over management of Carl Stone.

Carl Stone now has a large restaurant, conference, guided tours and events. The business is open year round.

Contact information

Carlstens Fästning
Contact: Charles Souter
Phone: +46-30360265
Mobile: +46-709995074


Opening hours

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The business is open year round. Check-in is usually after noon or by appointment. Out at 11:00 am the day of departure.

Price information

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Accommodation Prices for individuals:

1 October to 31 April:

Double: 750 SEK / room
Family: 1000 SEK / room
Dormitories: 300 SEK / persons

During this period, breakfast is secured by the guests themselves in our cozy breakfast room. Breakfast can also be pre-ordered by us at least 10 people.

1 May to 30 September:
Double: 950 SEK / room
Family: 1200 SEK / room
Dormitories: 400 SEK / person

During this period included a simple breakfast in the price. Breakfast is served from 09:00 to 10:00.

The price includes sheets, towels and cleaning. For our hotel guests also includes free access to the fortress area and guided tours during the period June 1 to August 31 (other times must be guided Pictured: 0303-611 67). As a resident of Soldier hotel you have your own key to Carlstens mighty fortress sports. All prices are including VAT and valid until 2013-12-31

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| The bus stops at the ferry plan. Then you take the ferry over to the island of Marstrand. Ferry takes about 3 minutes.


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Carlstens Soldier Hotel has over a hundred beds, here are from single rooms to åttabäddsrum in Kommendanthuset and donjon.

All rooms are unique and have their own shower and toilet (some of the rooms have their own shower and toilet just outside the room). Check-in is usually after noon or by appointment. Out at 11:00 am the day of departure. Breakfast is provided by the guests themselves in our breakfast room, where the fridge, coffee maker, plates for boiling eggs and more are available.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation of room must be made at least 24 hours before the booked date or else be charged the room cost.
  • Changing the number of persons booked to take place 24 hours before the booked date.


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Carl's Fortress is situated on the island of Marstrand, about 45 kilometers north of Gothenburg. You can get here by car, bus or boat. As car traffic is forbidden on the island of Marstrand, you who are you car or bus take the ferry from Koon to Marstrand. Koon is located 100-150 meters east of Marstrand and the ferry crossing takes just a few minutes.