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Elin of Marstrand


Elin of Marstrand

My name is Knut Bergsten, and I'm an Islander, captain and guide on Elin of Marstrand. Elin af Marstrand takes about 8-10 passengers and want to offer guests with great interest of Bohusläns culture and history, a cultural experience with the sea in focus. We'll let you meet antiquity and modernity. The whole trip will be lined with tall tales and facts about people, events and islets. We will mainly experience the culture of new venues.

Grandmother as godmother

Elin is named after my beloved grandmother. A sailor's wife and survivor on land that brought a constant struggle for existence, which always carried a nagging concern for her husband who was out at sea during wartime. Grandpa Alban, as he was called, joined the Svenska Lloyds vessels of both freight and passenger service during World War II. He was torpedoed and sunk twice when his ship went with supplies to the Allies. He cared of his family and throughout his long stay away from home, he sent home boxes of food and other supplies, to his dear wife Elin and the three daughters who lovingly shared the supplies equally among one's family and the other sailor wives.

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Elin af Marstrand
Brygga IJ, längst ut på höger sida.
Contact: Knut Bergsten
Phone: +46-708740500
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Elin operates from the first of May to the end of September. During the period from the first of June to the end of August are there fixed tours several days a week. Other times you are welcome to hire the boat with a skipper.

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Elin is a Targa 31 Mark II. It is 10.5 meters long and weighs 7.5 tonnes. March speed is about 25 knots but usually we cruise at a much slower pace. The key word is enjoyment.