dinTAXIbåt - boat taxi

Marstrand, Kungälv

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We run boat taxi at all hours between the islands around Marstrand. Obviously we can pick up and drop from Gothenburg in the south to Käringön or Smögen in the north. We assume Marstrand and run on a meter at 1500 SEK /h Ribcraft and 2900kr /h Targa 31st

Call 0730 277501 to travel directly or book. Telephone hours every day 9-21 as night driving must be booked in advance.

We also run groups and individual tickets for the experiences that boat tours, tours, seal safaris, island tavern round and RIB tours. Our tours are suitable for everyone from small children, the whole family, the company and a group of friends.

We conduct taxibåtsverksamhet with a Ribcraft 850 which takes a maximum of 7 people. With a sofa at the back you can even children of all ages to go. Our gives unlike traditional RIBs a comfortable ride experience that more can be likened to ride Mercedes Cabriolet than a ride at an amusement park. It gives a sense of security andwell-being, it has excellent performance on upward of 45 knots and is unmatched versatility.

RIBs are highly regarded as one of the safest ways to transport people and equipment over short or long distances at sea in the most challenging conditions.

Is it that you are more than 7 people or want to go larger, covered boat so we book Targa 31: an in salon and flybridge. 2900kr /h for up to 12 persons. We are working closely with the Marine Experiences and can be booked through us.

Contact information

Cecilia Meijer Consulting
Kungsgatan 4C
44267 Marstrand
Phone: +46-730277501

E-mail: cecilia.meijer@live.se
Website: http://www.dintaxibat.se

Opening hours

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Telephone hours every day at 9-21 to go directly or book for runs at all hours.

Price information

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Run the taximeter for RIB'en at 1500kr per hour no matter where you go from the boat leaves Marstrand harbor and back.

Some fixed price examples from Marstrand for up to 6 people:
Åstol: 600kr
Dyrön: 700kr
Rönnäng: 700kr
Kladesholmen: 900kr
Paternoster around & see seals: 1100kr
Marstrand around: 500kr

Speedy RIBtur with ölstopp, 300 SEK / person. A beer / wine glass electricity included in Skärgår'n, Rowan Meadow Bridge.

Calm Ökrogrunda to Åstols Smokehouse and Skärgår'n on Rowan Meadow Bridge, 300 SEK / person.

Targa 31 costs 2900kr / h see elinafmarstrand.se

Call for other requests!

Public transportation


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From the E6 take route 168 to Marstrand. When the road ends you will arrive at the dock at Koon for pickup below the Coop or Marstrands Havshotell. Or take the bus from Nils Ericson Terminal in Gothenburg. In under an hour you are in Marstrand.