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Taxi boat Marstrand with Targa 31

Marstrand, Kungälv

We'll take you where you're going. Elin af Marstrand mainly drives taxi drives between Gothenburg and Orust/Stenungsund. Some of our usual pick-up or drop-off locations are: Rönnäng, Åstol, Klädesholmen, Skärhamn, Mollösund, Kärringön, Stenungsund and Gothenburg. But of course we try to pick up and leave you exactly where you want.

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Contact information

Elin af Marstrand
Brygga IJ, kajen Marstrandsön nedanför Grand Hotel
44267 Marstrand
Phone: +46-708740500


Opening hours

  1. Today08:00-18:00
  2. Monday08:00-18:00
  3. Tuesday08:00-18:00
  4. Wednesday08:00-18:00
  5. Thursday08:00-18:00
  6. Friday08:00-18:00
  7. Saturday08:00-18:00

We make reservations between 08:00 - 18:00 by phone +46 708 740500. We also drive evenings but do not take phone calls after 18:00.