Grands lobster dinner

Restaurang Grand Tenan at Grand Hotel Marstrand, Kungälv
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Enjoy the sea's black gold - the lobster

Some things can only be done at a certain time of year - that's what makes it so special!

In Swedish waters, the lobster is fished from 07:00 on the first Monday after 20 September and until the end of April.

In our retaurang Tenan we celebrate this composing a magical 5-course soup.

Join and pull up the tines!
Buy our lobster fishing and get acquainted with the crew's knowledge of the secrets of lobster fish while pulling up the tines from the bottom, clean the cages and agna. The water around Marstrand is acknowledged for its fine lobster fishing and it's not too bad that the hottest lobster fish live here. During the trip, coffee is served on the boat or on any brew dependent weather.

Opening hours

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Grands lobster dinner is served Saturdays 29/9 & 13/10 Even other days on request.

Public transportation


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Follow this until it's over. Welcome to Marstrand! PARKING Parking is on Koön, a few minutes walk from the ferry. FREE PARKING UNDER THE WINTER HALF YEAR The personal ferry between Koön-Marstrand departs every 15 minutes and takes less than 2 minutes.