GKSS Match Cup Sweden

Marstrand, Kungälv, Göteborg

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GKSS Match Cup Sweden is one of the most respected sailing events in the world. For the past 23 years, Marstrand's unique arena has been a place for legendary sailors and spectacular matches. Thousands of spectators have been able to follow the team's path to success with excitement and admiration.

The event has continually attracted the best sailors in the world and thanks to Aston Harald, owner of the World Match Racing Tour, in 2016, the modern catamaran M32 was introduced which added thrill and action to the competition. This is Formula 1 on water.

We are proud to be the organizers of one of the absolute highlights of the World Match Racing Tour.


Contact information

Create Agency Sweden AB
Kaserntorget 6
41118 Marstrand, Kungälv
Contact: Madelene Gimlegård
Phone: +46-31135750

Organizer: Create Agency Sweden AB

E-mail: madelene@createagency.se