SID conversations, Seminars under Match Cup Sweden

Societetshuset, Kungälv


SID conversations is a seminar concept connecting three speakers representing sustainability, innovation and digitalisation. After each and everyone have presented they gather on stage with a moderator for a conversation, stirring new ideas and ways of thinking on stage and in the audience.

We have all grown accustomed to our way of living, but we have limited resources to sustain our way of life. We like the way we live and do not want to regress and move backwards to sustain our planet. The road towards a sustainable society is paved with Innovation and Digitalisation.

SID Conversations is about, finding new ways towards a better life for everyone by using digitalisation and innovation, instead of exhausting the one single resource we have. Planet Earth.

SIDCON Marstand will be held mostly in Swedish, but on Thursday the Karün presentation will be in english as well as the conversation.

First SIDCON takes place 4-6th of July in conjunction with GKSS Match Cup Sweden. The seminars will be held at the Society's House at 8.30 to 13.30. Tickets are bought for 1195 SEK, which includs entry for one of the days, breakfast when arrival and lunch at the Society's House.

There will be many exciting speakers during these three days. See the weekly schedule below. Buy ticket now to secure your location.


Jonathan Sterner, Insert Coin
Mikael Haglund, IBM
Hanna Lindquist, Trine


Max Wimnell, VEKST
Amer Mohammed, Stena Line
Thomas Kimber, Karün


Ashkan Fardost, Oddball Ventures
Maria Mähl, Arabesque

SIDCON - Support your local planet.

04Jul 08:30 - 13:30 Societetshuset
05Jul 08:30 - 13:30 Societetshuset
06Jul 08:30 - 13:30 Societetshuset

Contact information

Create Agency Sweden AB
Långgatan 1
Phone: +46-705814503

Organizer: Mad Terrier


Price information

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The seminars will be held at the Societariat Hall between 8.30-13.30. Tickets are bought for SEK 1195 and then entry is included in one of the days, breakfast we arrive and lunch at the Social House.