Summer exhibitions - Gert Wingårdh and The Painter

Strandverket Art Museum, Kungälv
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The Strandverket exhibits two exhibitions this summer, and an exhibition with the architect Gert Wingårdh and a group exhibition "The Painter" with the six artists Jenny Carlsson /Christina Ekstrand /Nicklas Randau /Anna Karin Rasmusson /Julia Selin /Katrin Westman.

Guided introductions are given to the exhibitions every opening day at 11.30 and 14.30 and they are included in the entrance fee.

More information about the exhibitions:

Gert Wingårdh
8 projects - from Liljevalchs to National Museum

Gert Wingårdh is an architect. For 40 years, he has drafted, proposed, convinced and completed an infinite number of projects. Probably, he has a Swedish record in the number of buildings performed, in any case, it is certain that he has received the most Kasper Sahlin prizes, all five! The buildings he drew are all high and low, and proudly he likes to show up a small home or shop like prestigious buildings likemakes us lose the chin. Öijared Golf Club, Airline Tower at Arlanda, Astra Zeneca's facility in Mölndal, Sweden's embassies in Berlin and Washington are some of the buildings he has given a most personal touch.

Gert Wingårdh has chosen eight projects to reflect what has been important lately. It ranges from a water tower to lift seven thousand tons of water forty yards across the ground, through a screening of stacked glue beams (racing it like a cardhouse?) To the form that already ancient regarded as the perfect for the meeting of an acting man and a thousand-headed audience. There are eight dogmas that meet reality and are cut off to something constructable.

Newly built and large models explain each project together with eight showcases, where sketches, photos and drawings are penetrated.

The Painter
Jenny Carlsson /Christina Ekstrand /NicklasRandau /Anna-Karin Rasmusson /Julia Selin /Katrin Westman

Together they are a group of painters of our time, they are colleagues and through art friends. They come from different parts of the country, have attended art schools in Umeå, Malmö and Stockholm, and exhibit the most famous galleries. They talk to each other about what it's like to be young painters, to be part of a collective of artists, but perhaps above all how to develop their painting. Artists who have an ongoing conversation, a spontaneous exchange of experiences colleagues between!

It feels like something new is being born. A belief in painting possibilities, that with oil and canvas convey a feeling, an expression, an idea! Just as you did hundreds of years ago: being part of history while looking forward. Standing in front of a work, feeling the smell of oil paint, experiencing the power of colors, feeling the life of the surface, seeing the touches and minds that have been achievedpicture. This is to physically get to know the artwork, and to get to know the artist!