Marstrand Event Lobster Fishing (start 27 / 9-21)

Marstrand, Kungälv
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The water around Marstrand is recognized for its fine lobster fishing and it is not for nothing that the sharpest lobster fishermen live here. You get to experience both the beautiful archipelago environment and the lobster fishing up close, and you do not have to be an avid fisherman to be fascinated by the "black gold of the sea". You yourself have to pull up the tins from the bottom, clean the cages (hopefully with lobster in) and last but not least bait again to put the cage back in its proper place.

The proximity to Landvetter & Gothenburg makes luxurious Marstrand the perfect starting point for lobster fishing in Bohuslän. In the evening you enjoy a lobster supper or seafood dinner with 1/2 fresh lobster in our fine restaurant by the quay on Marstrandsön.

SPECIAL OFFER WITH ACCOMMODATION & DINNER: If you come from far away, we recommend that you come the night before the Lobster Fishing. We have an excellent package at Hotel Villa Maritime on Marstrandsön with accommodation and 3-course mealdinner and an excellent breakfast before fishing 09.00 for 1295 SEK /person (we recommend the trip 09.00 the next day).

Price information

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-PACKET WITH ACCOMMODATION AT HOTEL VILLA MARITIME: Lobster fishing, lunch, lobster soup, accommodation in a double room + breakfast 2385: - / pp incl. VAT

-PACKET WITH ACCOMMODATION HOTEL VILLA MARITIME THE EVENING BEFORE: 3 courses dinner, breakfast, accommodation in a double room + breakfast 1295: - / pp incl. VAT


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Take the E6 in Kungälv (just north of Gothenburg). Then follow the signs to Marstrand. By car from Gothenburg, the journey takes about 40 minutes. The ferry over to Marstrandsön runs 4 times an hour.