The most beautiful town in Sweden Marstrand is one of the most beautiful towns on the Bohuslän coast. It is renowned for its intense boating culture, Carlsten’s Fortress and its history as a playground for royals. See & Do
GKSS Match Cup Sweden 2019 Sailing has grown to be a public sport here, one that can be watched from the only natural sailing arena in the world. In this, the Swedish sailing capital, world famous sailing stars mingle with families out in their boats. Go to Match Cup
Marstrand - a delightful place to visit Marstrand buzzes with activity in the summer, as holiday-makers come to sail, bathe and visit the impressive castle, Carlstens fästning. With ornate wooden buildings lining the bustling harbour, Marstrand is a delightful place to visit and it shouldn’t be missed. Accomodation

Marstrand - Sweden's sailing capital

Far out to the west, where the archipelago ends and the open sea starts, lies Marstrand. A haven for sailing and swimming, with quaint neighbourhoods and car free streets. Discover the island’s lovely scenery, salty swimming spots and fascinating history.