Walk in Marstrand

Marstrand, Kungälv
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Marstrand was founded in the early 1200s by the Norwegian king Håkon Håkonsson. 1658 became Bohuslän Swedish and Carlsten fortress was built. In the 1850s, added South Beach Education.

Hiking on the island of Marstrand

On the island of Marstrand is a wonderful path around the island. There are several alternative routes, worth trying is eg Nålsögat which is a narrow passage between two rocks on the way out against the skull Lighthouse. As a complement to the path around the island goes amounts of trails crisscross the island. As a watchful monument stands Carlsten Fortress on the island state and is an obvious place to visit.

Wander the Koön

On Koon has just completed three new trails. There is a little more advanced with stairs and footbridges. It goes over rocks and crossing the old cannon ramparts, which is exciting for young and old alike. It offers fantastic viewing points, picnic areas, barbecue areas. The trail has been equipped with benches and fences whereit was necessary. Signage is in place and the color is Black. Enjoy the stunning views over the North Sea with the old Heidenstamsgatan built truss lighthouse Paternoster, the charming little island Åstol with its sheltered fishing village and Rönnäng and Dyrön.

The second route is the blue and also this goes overlooking the North Sea. Something easier trails, dirt road. But not suitable for prams or wheelchairs.

The third route is mostly on roads or wider paths around buildings. It also passes the amazing Rosenlund Park that is a nature reserve in the wonderful setting.

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Opening hours

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Trails in Marstrand is open pipe around, but can be difficult and dangerous because of slipping during the winter.

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| The stop is called really Marstrand Färjeläge. Once at the bus so you find yourself in Koon. For further transport to Marstrandsön take the ferry, it takes about 3 minutes and run every fifteen minutes.


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The trails at Koon has been completed by Kungälvs municipality with the support of the EU through the Leader and Terra Mare.


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From Gothenburg, turn away 168 Kungalv towards Marstrand. From Oslo take the road 168 in Kungälv towards Marstrand.