Carlsten Fort on Marstrand Island

Marstrand, Kungälv

Marstrand Island is a west coast idyll of pastel blue, yellow, green and dazzling white wooden buildings that wrap around the town up towards Carlsten Fort. Marstrand is the go-to spot for world-class, summertime sailing events.

Carlsten Fort was built in the 1700s to protect the island from invaders. Now, in more peace loving times, it is Marstand’s biggest attraction – literally – and is a draw for its guided tours, themed dinners (Viking, medieval and Bohuslän cuisine etc), historical re-enactments and views of the town and archipelago. Atop its tower is one of the best spots to see the action in the world-class sailing events and regattas that take place here during the summer.


Here is your chance to spend the night at Carlsten Fort in Donjonen, the former living quarters of the soldiers here in the mid 19th century. The recently renovated rooms are sized to accommodate thirty guests in double rooms, and up to one hundred guests with more beds.

Meals and celebrations

Ever been to a Viking feast? At Carlsten Fort you can enjoy a four-course dinner fit for a Viking, eating from wooden plates and drinking from bullhorns. If the mid 16th century is more your thing, we have recipes dating back more than three hundred years that we cook up for you, or if you’d like to be in the company of chivalrous knights we also arrange a medieval-themed banquet for our guests. We also serve a delicious and traditional Bohuslän cuisine three-course meal.
For companies, clubs and organisations, we would be delighted to arrange an entire event and provide the entertainment of your choice here at Carlsten Fort. We can also help with your transport arrangements, by bus in 45 minutes, or two hours by ferry from Gothenburg, and we can arrange the ferry tickets.

See you at Carlsten Fort!

Public transportation




From Gothenburg: Take the E6 towards Oslo. At Kungälv (around 20 km) take the exit for road 168 (signposted ‘Marstrand') and follow the road for 25 km to Marstrand-Koön.

After the five-minute ferry crossing, take a right and follow the street to Kunsgatan. Just follow the street until you arrive at Carlsten Fort.


  • Outdoor seating
  • Café
  • Pets allowed
  • Conference facilities
  • Fully-licensed restaurant
  • WC